• Brick construction: Wienerberger W.i Plan. The bricks have ideal moisture behaviour and are vapour permeable for a healthy room climate.
  • Special sound insulation of the apartment partitions
  • 3 compartment double glazing for windows and patio doors
  • Floor heating
  • Ceiling cooling via suspended ceiling
  • Chair slats and door frames are flush with the plastered wall and do not protrude
  • Special Venetian blinds in front of the glass surfaces reflect incoming sunlight to the ceiling and protect against heat
  • Interior doors 2.20 metres high
  • High-end fiber optic cabling
  • The garage entrance can be observed via camera from the apartment, the garage door can be opened from the apartment.
  • In each cellar compartment there is a power connection assigned to the apartment.
  • Heating by geothermal energy (no fossil fuels)
  • E-fuel stations in the Garage
  • No full thermal insulation facades made of plastic, therefore no hazardous waste disposal and replacement necessary after 20 - 25 years, no increased fire hazard
  • Environmentally friendly (no gas, no oil, no CO2 emissions). No dependence on energy imports
  • Brick construction is more durable than prefabricated construction, work on the walls is easier to carry out
  • Space for emergency power generator is provided



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